Jūra. Stihijas. Premiere

“The Sea. The Elements.” for an actress and wind symphony (poetry by Aspasia). Actress Guna Zariņa, The Orchestra RIGA, conductor Valdis Butāns, VEF Culture palace, 4th May, 2024 https://klasika.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/latvijas-koncertzales/orkestra-riga-koncerts-latvijas-noskanas.a193064 Read More

Versus. Premiere at the festival Latvian New Music Days

“Versus” for the string orchestra. Chamber orchestra Sinfonia concertante, conductor Andris Vecumnieks. Festival Latvian New Music Days 2024, Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, 7th May 2024 https://klasika.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/latvijas-koncertzales/festivala-latvijas-jaunas-muzikas-dienas-atklasanas-koncerts.a192276 Read More

Music by Anna Veismane on Spotify

https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ZWls5LUl8lVBajg7XhsDH Read More

Trio Tresensus tējnīcā

Premiere of the piece “Tresensus tējnīcā” – saxophonist Aigars Raumanis, kokle player Līga Griķe, percussionist Uģis Upenieks. Live broadcast at the Latvian Radio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXQHrcf24Og Read More

Suite for the Baroque instruments

Preimere ot the Suite at the Contemporary music festival Arēna – Ieva Nīmane, Ilze Grudule, Ieva Saliete https://klasika.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/latvijas-koncertzales/jaunas-muzikas-festivala-arena-koncerts-smalkie-dialogi.a185106/ Read More

Anna Veismane’s works at Universal Edition

http://www.universaledition.com/veismane Universal Edition (UE) is an Austrian classical music publishing firm. Founded in 1901 in Vienna, it originally intended to provide the core classical works and educational works to the Austrian market. The firm soon expanded to become one of the most important publishers of modernist and contemporary classical music. Read More

Dzejkoncerts “Dzeltens trotuārs”. Poetry and music performance “The Yellow sidewalk”

Music by Anna Veismane and poetry by Monta Kroma will be performed by the great actress Guna Zariņa of the New Riga Theatre and well-known Latvian musicians: flautist Maija Zandberga, pianist Rihards Plešanovs and bassoonist Jānis Semjonovs. Read More

Premiere of FLYBY for two percussionists at Baltic Music Days 2022 Kaunas

FLYBY for two percussionists is dedicated to duo Juris Āzers and Guntars Freibergs and will be premiered at the Kaunas State Philharmonic. A “flyby”, (this word has several meanings) is a spaceflight operation in which a spacecraftpasses in proximity to another space object, usually to explore it. The term has also been used in regard to asteroid flybys of Earth. Read More

Premiere of the violin and piano Sonata

Violinist Elīna Bukša & pianist Rūdolfs Vanks. Jūrmalas Mūzikas vidusskola Read More

Three song from the jazz program ‘Starp Diviem Likteņa Smējieniem’

Jazz club “Biedrība”, 9th September 8PM. Anna Veismane’s composed songs after 20 years are experiencing their revival in new sounds by Latvian Jazz Musicians – Arta Jēkabsone, Krists Saržants, Jānis Rubiks & Pauls Pokratnieks. Music is based on various Latvian poets like Ojārs Vācietis, Māris Čaklais, Māra Zālīte, Andris Akmentiņš, that talks about existential questions, Read More

Das Unheimliche / Das Heimliche

Premiere of the piece Das Unheimliche / Das Heimliche for the organ solo. Maria Magdalena Kaczor – organ of St.Martin church in Kassel, Germany. Festival BRANDNEU – Internationaler Orgelsommer 2022. With the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. https://www.musik-martinskirche.de/Veranstaltungen/Recital-10 Read More

Envoy of the Spring

Premiere of the piece “Envoy of the Spring”/”Pavasara vēstnesis” for the alto saxophone and concert kokle / bass kokle. Līga Griķe & Aigars Raumanis https://klasika.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/tieshraides/eiroradio-palmu-svetdiena.-koncerts-gaismas-asaras-rigas-doma.a158624/ Broadcast also on the Radio BBC 3 https://www.bbc.com/mediacentre/proginfo/2022/15/euroradio-day-of-holy-week Read More

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