Homage to Claude Debussy, solo Clarinet – Phil Edwards, Regent Hall, 272 Oxford Street, London


Simon Desorgher Flutes,Catherine Pluygers Oboes, Phil Edwards Clarinets, Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn, Glyn Williams Bassoon, Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano

*Hugh Shrapnel Sonatina for Horn and Piano (revised)

Heather Pease Her Royal Highness Fanfare – a variation of the Last Post for Horn and Trombone

*Maura Cappuzo (Italy) Un Quazi Lento Giro Di Venti for Wind Quintet

**Cecilia Franke (Sweden) “The Myth of Vineta” for Wind Quintet”

**Victoria Malawey (USA) In Memoriam for Wind Quintet

**Jordan Nobles (Canada) Tides for Wind Quintet

**Richard Mathuis (USA) Snakes, Lizards and Bugs for Woodwind Quartet and Electric Piano

*Catherine Pluygers Metropolis for Full Ensemble and Electronics

**Anna Veismane (Latvia) Homage to Claude Debussy for Solo Clarinet

 Kaija Saariaho (Finland) Noa Noa for Flute and Electronics

Luis Tinoco (Hungary) Autumn Wind for Wind Quintet

**Acacio Piedade(Brazil) Ghost Joke forWoodwind Trio. 

*First Performance

**First European Performance