Latvian Sound Quartet SOUTHERN STORIES

2017, 6 May Skulte, 12 March Ikšķile, 9 March Aloja

2016, 21 December Talsi Museum, 18 December Luznava Manor, 17 July Siguldas New Castle

Jana Kļevicka – oboe, Līva Plociņa – violin, Māra Botmane – cello, Roksana Kenžejeva – piano

Latvian Sound Quartet consists of four young, purposeful, talented and energetic musicians who performs together already for three years. In this concert program you will be able to hear music from all kinds of sunny Southern lands. In addition to well-known composers, “Southern stories” lights up surprises, including Annas Veismanes written new composition specially for this quartet and the joy of life imbued Brazilian composer Liduino Pitombeiras music pages.