NYC Premiere of the Viola d’amore concerto

Soloist Edmundo Ramirez brought a graceful but plaintive, sometimes vividly aching edge and an acerbic tone to the night’s most stunning work, Anna Veismane‘s Concerto for Viola d’Amore. A tone poem, more or less, its tectonic sheets shifted slowly and methodically and grew more haunting as it went on, building a surreal, dangerously otherworldly mood with close harmonies from the strings.

KATHERINE HOOVER        Summer Zephyr
MAX LIFCHITZ                      Yellow Ribbons No. 52
ALLA PAVLOVA                     Concertino
ANNA VEISMANE                 Viola d’Amore Concerto

Lisa Hansen, flute      Edmundo Ramírez, viola d’amore
Max Lifchitz, conductor
The North/South Chamber Orchestra