Wings on radio Monalisa

Broadcast of the ”Wings” for the cello and accordion, presenter: Patricia Werner Leanse

If you listen to it, you imagine hearing more than just two instruments, as if there is some sort of extra electronic sound added. But it is simply the sound and color of the two instruments performing as a duo. Nice to hear the live recording from the Spikeri Concert Hall in Riga, with the Polish TWOgether Duo (Magdalena Bojanowicz on cello and accordionist Maciej Frackiewicz).
Anna Veismane is a name to remember.

At the end of February I had the chance to meet a composer Anna Veismane. She had been invited to the Netherlands for a week residency at the Buitenwerkplaats just outside Amsterdam. While there she collaborated with the Dutch harp player and singer Ekaterina Levental. And I was one of the lucky listeners on her final evening when the piece was presented to a very enthusiastic public. With a real feeling for text (Oscar Wilde) and color this piece is something that can be added to the repertoire.